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In The Golden City

This blog finds me in Western Australia's Golden City - Kalgoorlie.  Home of the Superpit and more miners than you can shake a stick at.  

I'm here for a few days to present two very different workshops.  Tomorrow I will be with the WA Museum in Kalgoorlie presenting on heritage and cultural tourism and interpretation.  It will be very hands on and lots of fun.  On Wednesday I will be presenting to tourism businesses about enhancing their visitor experiences and I will be working with new Australian Amy Johnson to present social media.  Can't wait!

Tonight I was out for dinner on my own.  I'm never truly comfortable about eating out alone but I couldn't face the luke warm burger and soggy chips in the room so I put on my brave head and ventured out.  I went to the Palace Hotel on Hannan Street and headed for the Balcony Bar and Restaurant.

Despite being there 20 minutes before the place opened I was shown to a table and offered a drink.  The waiter came back and said that they would be happy to serve me whenever I was ready.  His accent was familiar so I asked him if he was from Dublin, he sounded just like my Uncle Andrew.  As it turned out he came from the same place as my mum - what are the chances!!!

The meal was lovely - I can recommend the Beef and Reef (thanks for the tip Amy).  The service was friendly, efficient and unobtrusive and the hot chocolate was the chocolateyist I have ever tasted - I may never sleep again!

Today's lesson then is that good customer service is helping out the customer even though they appear to not know the rules.   Thanks guys for making me feel welcome and comfortable.

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kalgoorlie is an interesting town... not sure if I would ever live there but it sure is fun for a 2-3 day visit. Sounds like you had a good time anyway.

January 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFLM Perth

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